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What really causes heartburn, and how can I fix it for good?

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What really causes heartburn, and how can I fix it for good?-CFSB Wellness Wednesday

In this video we explain what really causes heartburn and how to fix it for good. We discuss how:
-Stomach acid is actually good for you.
-Heartburn is usually caused by too little stomach acid, not too much
-Heartburn pills fix the symptoms of heartburn, but actually make the underlying cause much worse
-You can fix heartburn by addressing the root cause of the issue which is usually too little stomach acid that can be caused by or related to H. Pylori or SIBO amongst other things.

Again and again, we see that prescription drugs are merely symptom control without addressing the underlying cause of the issue and in some cases they can make the underlying issue worse as in the case of heartburn meds.

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