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Programming 9.5 – 9.11

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Workout Log: CFSB – Class Programming
Start Date: 2020-09-05
End Date: 2020-09-11

Saturday September 5, 2020
Title: Saturday

Warmup: I’m coaching I like to come up with the warm up one I see who is in class 🙂

A) Accumulation and Practice: 4 Sets

2 Minute Amrap
10 Burpees or No Push Up Burpees
16 Alternating KB/DB Snatch
Max Double Unders in remaining time

2 Minute Rest

2 Minute Amrap
100m Run
15 Push Press
Single Arm Box Step Up and Over in remaining time

2 Minute Rest

Whiteboard score – Yes / No; were you able to stay consistent?
B) Notes: The progression on this day centers mostly around variety presented within the format rather than straight volume accumulation.


Sunday September 6, 2020
Title: Sunday

A) Notes: We are going to introduct a little skill work today along with Lactic Power Work
B) Snatch Skill Work – Positions: 20-30 Minutes of Snatch Skill Work focused mainly on positions
C) Lactic Power Work: 45s Assault BIke
6:45 Rest
x 3 Sets

Effort % are @ 90% if you are trained, 100% if you are newer to this


Monday September 7, 2020
CLOSED – Labor Day


Tuesday September 8, 2020
Title: Week 3 Intensity – Tuesday

Warmup: 7 Minute Amrap
30 Jump Rope Singles
5 Air Squats
5 Jump Squats
30s Reverse Plank Bridge
8 Tabletop Glute Bridges

A) Notes: WHITEBOARD: Score your push press
B) Push Press – 10 minutes: EVERY 2:30 x 4 Sets

Set 1: 3-4
Set 2/3: 2-3
Set 4: 1

*use a rack if we can for this, half can do pull ups, half can do push press.
*build in weight across the sets
C) Vertical Pulling – 10 Minutes: 30s Max Reps Pull Ups
30s Rest
x 3 Sets

rest 4 minutes

30s Max Reps Pull Ups
30s Rest
x 3 Sets

*These don’t have to be unbroken – but they should be pretty.
*You can sub banded *but I want you to pause for a 1 count at the top and bottom with a band
*or you can sub ring rows
D) Mixed Modal Aerobic Work – 13 Minutes: 30s Left Arm Push Up + Renegade Row
30s Right Arm Push Up + Renegade Row
30s Double Unders
30s Left Arm Squat Clean Thruster
30s Right Arm Squat Clean Thruster
30s Double Unders
rest 2 minutes
x 3 Sets; increase your pace from the first to the second set


Wednesday September 9, 2020
Title: Wednesday

Warmup: 7 Minute Amrap
60s Assault Bike
20s Bottom Squat Hold
20s Prisoner Superman Hold
7 Minutes Talking About what a perfect deadlift and wall ball is
4 Sets – 7 Minute Cap
8 Perfect Deadlifts with just the bar
8 Perfect Wall Balls *warm up weight

A) Notes: Row can be subbed with limited equipment

B) Deadlift – 12 Minutes: EVERY 3 MINUTES x 4 SETS @2111

build across the sets, first set is 3, next set is 2, next set is 2, last set is 1 (leave a tiny bit in the tank for today’s single)

*make sure this deadlift is beautiful before It’s tough
*if you cannot perform them pretty in the range, perform and RDL

C) Non-Complimentary Squatting – 10 Minute Amrap: For Time – 10 Minute Cap
40/35 Cal Assault Bike
20 Deadlifts @ 30-40% of today’s single
40 Wall Balls
20 Deadlifts @ 30-40% of today’s single

*if you weren’t able to perform perfect wall balls, perform a goblet squat or air squat


Thursday September 10, 2020
Title: Thursday

Warmup: 8 Minute Amrap
100m Jog
8 Prisoner Kang Squats
12 Alternating Plank Shoulder Taps
get into warming up for the aerobic work!

A) Notes: WHITEBOARD SCORE: Rounds + reps for AMRAP
B) Aerobic Horizontal Pull / Push Superset: 15 Minute Amrap
5 Tough Bent Over Barbell Rows
10 Push Ups (or mod)
200m Run

*if the push ups are too easy, perform ring push ups or Ring Dips – at least 6+ on your first set
C) Flexion / Extension Work @ high breathing rates: 15 Minute Amrap
5 Toes to Bar or 10 Abmat sit Ups
10 American KB Swings
200m Run


Friday September 11, 2020
Title: Friday

Warmup: 9 Minute Amrap
60s Assault Bike
20s/side isometric split squat hold
30 Jump Rope Singles or 10 double unders
8 Alternating Active Straight Leg Raise

A) Notes: WHITEBOARD SCORE – Split Squat Weight
B) Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat : 12 Minute Cap
Work up to a heavy 8rm on each side @ 2011; you may take rest between legs when going for your attempt
C) For Reps – 12 Minutes: 3 Minute Max Calorie Row
2 Minute Max Walking Lunges
1 Minute Max Double Unders
3 Minute Max Cal Assault BIke
2 Minute Max Walking Lunges
1 Minute Max Double Unders
D) Doubles or Singles: For Time
8 Minute Cap for either

Double Unders


These are unbroken sets
If you trip, reset at the beginning of THAT set
You MUST break your rhyhtm between sets

Pick one or the other