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Programming 9.5 – 9.11

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Workout Log: CFSB – Class Programming
Start Date: 2022-09-05
End Date: 2022-09-11

Monday September 5, 2022
Title: Monday
Status: missed

Warmup: Labor Day Workout!

A) Suprise Wod: Tire Flips, Sleds, Ropes, Sledgehammer Strikes

Tuesday September 6, 2022
Title: Tuesday
Status: missed

Warmup: Coaches are going to integrate double under skill work into their warm up

A) Mixed Map 9: 3 Sets @ sustained pace @ sustained pace
2 Minute Bike
2 Minute Knee to Elbows
2 Minute Row
2 Minute Burpees
2 Minute Deadlifts *moderate load

*ensure intraset repeatability
*find something that you can move at a smooth pace with

*Deadlift > DB Romanian Deadlift > KB Deadlift

Wednesday September 7, 2022
Title: Wednesday
Status: pending

Warmup: Coaches choice

A) Horizontal Push + Vertical Pull: 4-6 Sets; 25 Min Cap
@20X1; x6 Bench Press; rest 60-120s
@20X1; Pull Variation; rest 60-120s

x4-6 Weighted Pull Ups
@20X1; xMax Strict Pull Up
@30A1; xMax Eccentric Pull Up -2
@20X1; x4-6 Single Arm DB Row

B) Mixed Aerobic; Cyclical + Vertical Push + Horizontal Pull: 15 Minute Amrap
200m Run
5 Bent Over Barbell Row
Max Push Press @ Row weight
rest 30s

*barbell is pulled from floor for push press
*use the same load for the press and row

Thursday September 8, 2022
Title: Thursday
Status: pending

Warmup: Coaches choice

A) Mixed Cyclical Map 6: 5 Minute Amrap
2:30 Row
2:30 Run
rest/walk 3 Minutes
x 2 Sets
5 Minute Amrap
10 Cal Bike
30 Double Unders
rest/walk 3 minutes
x 2 Sets
5 Minute Amrap
Step ups
rest/walk 3 minutes
x 2 Sets

*low box – femur at parallel or slightly below

Friday September 9, 2022
Title: Friday
Status: pending

Warmup: Warm up will include skill prep for the dynamics, and helping individuals understand where they should practice/train at

A) Dynamics; Squat: EMOM x 8 Minutes
Choose a Dynamic Squat Variation

1 Full Clean
2 Hang Cleans
3 Front Squats
6 Goblet Squats


-Stay at each of the below until you’re showing consistent position, movement, speed toward the loads below

-Stay at Goblet Squat until you can hit 30% of your BW for all reps

-Stay at Front Squats until you can hit 50% of your bodyweight for all reps

*40-50% of your Bodyweight at Hang Clean

B) Bend + Core: 10 Minute Amrap for quality
10 Dumbell Hang Muscle Clean *tough
10 Ball Slams
10m Bear Crawl *controlled, hips down
rest 60s

C) Squat + Core: 10 Minute Amrap for quality
30s Ring or Elbow Plank
8/side Single Arm DB Front Squat
20s Assault BIke @ tough pace
rest 60s

Saturday September 10, 2022
Title: Saturday
Status: pending

Warmup: Coaches choice

A) Long Team – Movement Solutions: Teams of 2-3
30 Minute Amrap
1 Mile Run
20 Burpees Over Partner
6000lb Deadlift

Sunday September 11, 2022
Title: Sunday
Status: pending

Warmup: Some Rope climb skill work will be included today

A) Vertical Push + Horizontal Pull: 4-5 Sets 20 Min Cap
@20X1; x6 Strict Press; rest 60-120s
@20X1; x6 Bent Over DB Row; rest 60-120s
B) Mixed Aerobic; Cyclical + Horizontal Push + Vertical Pull: 1 Minute Rope Climb
1 Minute Push Ups
1 Minute Rope Climb
1 Minute Burpees
1 Minute Rest
x 3 Sets