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Programming 9.12 – 9.18

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Workout Log: CFSB – Class Programming
Start Date: 2020-09-12
End Date: 2020-09-18

Saturday September 12, 2020
Title: Saturday

Warmup: I’m coaching I like to come up with the warm up one I see who is in class 🙂

A) Accumulation and Practice: 3 Sets

3 Minute Amrap
10 Burpees or No Push Up Burpees
10 Single Arm Box Step Up and Over

3 Minute Rest

3 Minute Amrap
100m Run
20 Alternating DB/KB Snatch

3 Minute Rest

Whiteboard score – Yes / No; were you able to stay consistent?


Sunday September 13, 2020
Title: Sunday

A) Notes: We are going to introduct a little skill work today along with Lactic Power Work
B) Snatch Skill Work – Positions: 20-30 Minutes of Snatch Skill Work focused mainly on positions
C) Lactic Power Work: 50s Assault BIke @ moderate
7:30 Rest
55s Assault Bike @ moderate
8:15 Rest
60s @ 100% Max Effort


Monday September 14, 2020
Title: Monday

Warmup: 10 Minute Amrap
45s/side Quick Passes Foam Rolling Hip Area
5 Side Plank Clamshells/side
10 Alternating Windshield Wipers

A) SA Pull / SL Squat – 24 Minutes: Every 90s x 4 Sets
1. Three Point DB Row L Arm @30X2; x8-10
2. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat L Leg @3030; x8-10
3. Three Point DB Row R Arm @30X2; x8-10
4. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat R Leg @3030; x8-10

Example Modifications *DB RFESS, Unloaded RFESS, DB Split Squat, Unloaded Split Squat, DB Single Leg Glute Bridge, Unloaded Single Leg Glute Bridge
B) Core / Pull / SL Squat Accessory – 9 Minutes: 4 Sets; max reps at each
45s Single Leg V-Up – Med Ball / Alternating
45s Reverse Lunges
45s Reverse Plank Bridge

C) Notes: Score your DB row and Split Squat weight


Tuesday September 15, 2020
Title: Tuesday

Warmup: 10 Min Amrap; for quality
10 Prone T
5 Toes Elevated Jefferson Curls *on 25# plate
12 Alternating Deadbug with Overhead Reach

A) DL Bend / Core – 12 minutes: Every 90s x 4 Sets
1. Dumbbell RDL @ 3111; x8-10
2.Alternating Front to Side Plank *pause 1 count in each position x 8-10
B) SA Push – 12 minutes: Every 90s x 4 Sets
1. Single Arm Landmine Press L Arm @31X1; x8-10
2. Single Arm Landmine Press R Arm @31X1; x8-10
C) 9 Minute Amrap: 12′ Quadruped Crawl Forward
12′ Reverse Bear Crawl Backward
12′ Quadruped Crawl Forward
12′ Reverse Bear Crawl Backward
15 American KBS

the bear crawls are hips down, back and forth in your box

D) Note: Score your DB RDL and SA Landmine Press weight


Wednesday September 16, 2020
Title: Wednesday

Warmup: Get right into it with part A!

A) Mixed Cyclical – 31:30 Minutes: 3 Sets
2:30 Bike
1:00 Rest
2:30 Row
1:00 Rest
2:30 Amrap; 100yard Run + 10 Box Step Ups
1:00 Rest

Notes: you may start on different things
B) Core / Glute – 15 minute: Every 90s x 5 Sets
1. 30-60s Weighted Plank
2. Weighted Glute Bridge @20X1; x8-10

*use a barbell or DB in the weighted GB
C) Notes: Score your weighted glute bridge


Thursday September 17, 2020
Title: Thursday

Warmup: 10 Minute
20 Alternating Steps Lateral Banded Walk *in place
10 Box Jumps w/Step Down
10 Prisoner Good Morning
10 Scap Push Ups

A) Pendlay Row: Every 2:00 x 4 Sets
x12-15 Reps

B) Back Squat : Every 2:00 x 4 Sets
C) SA Pull / Squat Accessory: 15 Minute Amrap
10 SA UB KB Cleans/arm
16 UB Barbell Front Rack Reverse Lunges
45 Double Unders
rest 60-90s


Friday September 18, 2020
Title: Friday

Warmup: 10 Minute Amrap
12 Alternating Active Straight Leg Raise
5 Slow Jefferson Curl on Wall
8 Prone Y
8 Prone T
10 American KBS

A) Glute Bridge Barbell Floor Press: Every 2:00 x 4 Sets
x12-15 Reps
B) Bend Work: Every 2:00 x 4 Sets
x5 TNG Power Clean *above knee

PC, Muscle Clean, or RDL
C) Push w/High Breathing Rate: 5 Sets for times; 12 Minute Cap
10 UB Push Press
200m Run
rest 60s between