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Programming 8.3 – 8.7

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A little cycle explanation 🙂

Workout Log: CFSB – Class Programming
Start Date: 2020-08-03
End Date: 2020-08-07

Monday August 3, 2020
Title: Week 5 – Monday

Warmup: 60s Jump Rope Singles
30s Reverse Plank
x 3 Sets; each at the top of a 90s mark
8 Minutes to Walk through Push Press Technique + Strict Pull Up dialing in

A) Notes: Vertical Push Dynamics
Vertical Pull
High Breathing Core + Pull + Push isometrics

*all sets tough unless specified to build
WHITEBOARD SCORE: Push press weight + total # of pull ups
B) Push Press: EVERY 2 MINUTES x 5 SETS
x 6-8
C) Vertical Pulling: EVERY 2 MINUTES x 5 SETS
x 6-8

*if strict pull ups are easy here – weight these
D) Strict Pull Up: EVERY 2 MINUTES x 5 SETS
x 6-8
E) Amrap: 12 Minute Amrap
30 Double Unders or 60 Singles
8 Bent Over Barbell Rows
30s Plank on Hands


Tuesday August 4, 2020
Title: Tuesday

Warmup: EMOM x 4 Minutes
25s Elbow Plank
Max Alternating Lateral Banded Steps in the remaining time
*keep the band on the whole time
6 Minute Amrap
5 Prisoner Good Mornings
5 Counterbalance Squats
5 Prisoner Kang Squats

A) Notes: Deadlift Strength Endurance
Squat Muscle Endurance / Strength Endurance

*WHITEBOARD SCORE: Deadlift weight, Goblet Squat weight (heaviest for both)
B) Deadlift : EVERY 3 MINUTES x 4 SETS @3111

*build across sets here
*make these pretty, if you cannot perform them pretty in the range, perform and RDL

C) Goblet Squat: @20X1; EVERY 3 MINUTES


Wednesday August 5, 2020
Title: Wednesday

Warmup: 10 Minute Amrap
100yard Jog *out the front, in the back
30s Prisoner Superman Hold
5 Arms Only inchworms

A) Notes: Horizontal Push / Pull
Mixed Modal (cyclical + gymnastics) Aerobic Work

WHITEBOARD SCORE: Bent Over Row Weight, Total Push Ups
B) Horizontal Pull / Push Superset: EMOM x 4 Sets
Minute 1: Supinated Grip Bent Over Barbell Row @31X2; x6-8
Minute 2: Push Ups x9-15
Minute 3: Rest

*if the push ups are too easy, perform either deficit or ring
C) Aerobic Work: 15 Minute Amrap
200m Run
15 Abmat Sit Ups
200m Run
10 No Push Up Burpees

*if you have solid push ups – go ahead and hit burpees


Thursday August 6, 2020
Title: Thursday

Warmup: 30s Jump Rope Singles
30s Single Leg Glute Bridge left
30s Single Leg Glute Bridge right
30s Jump Rope Singles
30s Side Plank Left
30s Side Plank Right
x 3 Sets

A) Notes: Single Leg Squat
Bend Muscle Endurance w/High Breathing Rate

WHITEBOARD SCORE: Weight used for split squat and total time for C
B) Single Leg Squat: 3 Sets; 14 minute cap
Front Foot Elevated Goblet Split Squat @3010; x8-10/leg; rest 60s between legs

*up on a 25″ plate
*if you cannot stay upright and touch your back leg to the ground, move back to a regular split squat
C) Get the work done: For Time; 10 Minute Cap
80 Russian KBS
160 Double Unders – 320 singles


Friday August 7, 2020
Title: Friday

Warmup: 10 Minute Amrap @ warm up pace
60s of your chosen modality 🙂
5 Curl to Press/arm
10 Reverse Snow Angels

A) Notes: Vertical Push / Pull Work
Single Modality Aerobic
WHITEBOARD SCORE: Max distance on D and the implement you used 🙂
B) Single Arm Seated Z-Press: EMOM x 4 Sets
Minute 1: x12-15 Left Arm
Minute 2: x12-15 Right Arm
Minute 3: Rest
C) Single Arm Upright Row: EMOM x 4 Sets
Minute 1: x12-15 Left Arm
Minute 2: x12-15 Right Arm
Minute 3: Rest
D) Single Modality Aerobic Work: Choose One
10 Minute Max