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Programming 7.5 – 7.11

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Start Date: 2020-07-05
End Date: 2020-07-11

Sunday July 5, 2020
Title: Sunday

A) Alactic Work: 12s Assault Bike @ 100%
rest/walk 2:45
x 5 Sets
B) For Time – Mixed Modal Muscle Endurance Extended Set: 40 Double Unders
40 Dual DB / KB Deadlifts
30 Double Unders
30 No Push Up Burpee Box Jump
20 Double Unders
20 Hand Release Burpee


Monday July 6, 2020
Title: Monday

Warmup: 3 Minute Assault BIke
directly into
5 Minute Amrap
6 Prisoner Good Mornings – slow
20s Plank on Hands
directly into
10 minutes to grab a barbell and dial in RDL / Push up before starting the official time cap; this is a time where we can modify technique and make adjustments

A) Notes: Modify the push up so that the tempo and rep range is difficult for the day, an example of a spectrum of modification from below the push up to above it could be….

Plank on hands (60-90s) > Elevated Push Ups > Push Ups > Deficit Push Ups > Ring Deficit Push Ups > Weighted Push Up > Weighted Ring Push Up…etc
B1) Romanian Deadlift : @3111; x6-8; rest 60s
B2) Push Up: x3111; x12-15; rest 60s
x 4 Sets

-all sets tough
-18 min cap for this superset
C) 10 Min Amrap: 15 American KBS
20 Alternating Plank Shoulder Taps
45 Double Unders


Tuesday July 7, 2020
Title: Tuesday

Warmup: 8 Min Amrap
20s Forearm Plank
5 Air Squats @ 4211
8 Reverse Lunges
10 Prone Y
30 Jump Rope Singles

A) Front Squat – Catalyst: Every 3 Minutes x 4 Sets
@4211; x6-8
B) Strict Pull Up: Every 3 Minutes x 4 Sets
@30X1; 6-10
C) 10 Min Amrap: 45 Doubles or 90 Single Unders
Single Arm Turkish Sit Ups x 6-8/arm
Single Leg Glute Bridge x 10-12/leg

*use KB on hip for single leg glute bridge


Wednesday July 8, 2020
Title: Wednesday

Warmup: Take a few moments to set up, everyone can start on something different here

A) Mixed Cyclical Map 6: 5 Minute Assault Bike
rest 2:30
5 Minute Row
rest 2:30
5 Minute Run
rest 2:30
x 2 Sets


Thursday July 9, 2020
Title: Thursday
Status: pending

Warmup: 10 Minutes of Hang Power Clean Skill Work
8 Minutes to Dial in Weights for A

A) Bend / Push: EMOM x 5 Sets; 20 minutes
M1. Hang Power Clean x 6-8
M2. Left Arm Single Arm DB/KB Push Press x 8-10
M3. Right Arm Single Arm DB/KB Push Press x 8-10
M4. Rest
B) Core/Glute Amrap: 9 Minute Amrap
5 Arms Only Inchworms
12 Alternating Front to Side Plank, slow
20 Alternating Step Glute March, slow


Friday July 10, 2020
Title: Friday

Warmup: 30s Moderate Assault Bike
30s Easy Pace
x 4 Sets
2 minute Clean / Switch
30s Jog
30s Walk
x 4
8 Minute Foam Roll; quads, glutes, lats, upper back

A) Squat w/ Higher Breathing Rate: 3 Sets
2:30 to perform
Run 200m
30 Air Squats *or Max, whichever comes first
2:30 rest

B) Pull w/ Higher Breathing Rate: 3 Sets
2:30 to perform
12/9 Cal Assault Bike
15-20 Ring Rows
2:30 rest


Saturday July 11, 2020
Title: Saturday

Warmup: Dial in the movemetns for the workout and get after it!

A) 30 Minute Amrap:
20s Single Arm Overhead Hold Left Arm
20s Single Arm Overhead Hold Right Arm
10 No Push Up Burpee Step Ups
20s Left Arm Side Plank
20s Right Arm Side Plank
10 Single Arm DB/KB DL