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Programming 6.5 – 6.11

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Saturday June 5, 2021
Title: Saturday

Warmup: Coaches Choice Warm Up

A) Grind: 35 Minute Amrap
20/15 Cal Assault Bike
50 yard sled push or plate push
400m Run
50 yard farmers carry
2 Minute Walk


Sunday June 6, 2021
Title: Sunday MAP 10

A) MAP 10: 7 Sets
1:30 at each
Down Up
Assault Bike
JR Singles


Monday June 7, 2021
Title: Monday

Warmup: Score back squat on whiteboard

A) Snatch – Warm Up: Work through teaching these movements with a 15 minute time cap

Down and Up
Elbows High and Outside
Muscle Snatch
Snatch Land
Snatch Drop
Snatch Push Press
Overhead Squat
Press Under
Heaving Snatch Balance
Snatch Balance
Hang Snatch

B) Back Squat: Every 2:30 x 5 Sets
@3111; x6
C) UB Strength: Supinated Grip Pull Ups x 8-10; rest 60s
Seated Arnold Press x 8-10; rest 60s
x 4 Sets

*these pull ups can be banded


Tuesday June 8, 2021
Title: Tuesday

Warmup: Score Deadlift on whiteboard

A) Clean – Warm Up: Work through teaching these movements with a 15 minute time cap

Burgener Warm Up For The Clean
Down and ups
Down and up with high elbows
Muscle Clean
Clean lands
Clean drops
B) Deadlift: Every 2:30 x 5 Sets
@3111; x 6
C) MAP 4 Aerobic Work – Cyclical: 2 Minute Assault Bike, Row, or Run
2 Minute Rest
x 4 Sets

*choose a cyclical movement you can sustain the entire duration with


Wednesday June 9, 2021
Title: Wednesday

Warmup: Score – no score! enjoy 🙂

A) Jerk – Warm Up: Work through teaching these movements with a 15 minute time cap

Strict Press
Push Press
Power Jerk
*finding foot position
Behind the Neck Split Press
Jerk Drop
Split Jerk
B) Horizontal Pull + Single Leg Squat + Core: 4 Sets for quality
8-10 Goblet Landmine Row
8-10 Front Foot Elevated DB or KB Split Squats
15-20 Tuck Ups or V-Ups

*Elevate foot 2-4″ off the ground


Thursday June 10, 2021
Title: Thursday

Warmup: Coaches Choice Warm Up

no score here either – work on intraset sustainability (each set the same time)

A) MAP 7 Aerobic Work: 8 Minute Amrap
15/12 Cal Assault BIke
16 Alternating DB Snatch
16 Prisoner Step Ups
rest 8 minutes
x 3 Sets

*weights should all be able to be done unbroken and consistent


Friday June 11, 2021
Title: Friday

Warmup: Coaches Choice warm up

A1) Wide Grip Bench Press: x6-8; rest 45s
A2) Barbell Drag Curl: x6-8; rest 45s
x 8 Sets
B) UB AMRAP: 10 Minute Amrap
12-15 Three Point Row
12-15 Front Raise
12-15 Lateral Raise