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Programming 5.29 – 6.4

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Saturday May 29, 2021
Title: Saturday

Warmup: Coaches Choice Warm Up

A) Grind: 35 Minute Amrap
15/12 Cal Assault Bike
60 yard sled push or plate push
300m Run
50 yard farmers carry
2 Minute Walk


Sunday May 30, 2021
Title: Sunday MAP 10

A) MAP 10: 8 Sets
1:15 at each
Assault BIke
Down Up
JR Singles


Monday May 31, 2021
Memorial Day Murph!


Tuesday June 1, 2021
Title: Tuesday

Warmup: Score Deadlift on whiteboard

A) Clean – Warm Up: Work through teaching these movements with a 15 minute time cap

Burgener Warm Up For The Clean
Down and ups
Down and up with high elbows
Muscle Clean
Clean lands
Clean drops
B) Deadlift: Every 2:30 x 4 Sets
@3133; x 4
C) MAP 5 Aerobic Work – Cyclical: 3 Minute Assault Bike, Row, or Run
3 Minute Rest
x 3 Sets

*choose a cyclical movement you can sustain the entire duration with


Wednesday June 2, 2021
Title: Wednesday

Warmup: Score – no score! enjoy 🙂

A) Jerk – Warm Up: Work through teaching these movements with a 15 minute time cap

Strict Press
Push Press
Power Jerk
*finding foot position
Behind the Neck Split Press
Jerk Drop
Split Jerk
B) Horizontal Pull + Single Leg Squat + Core: 4 Sets for quality
8-10 Bent Over Barbell Row
8-10 DB or KB Split Squats
15-20 Tuck Ups


Thursday June 3, 2021
Title: Thursday

Warmup: Coaches Choice Warm Up

no score here either – work on intraset sustainability (each set the same time)

A) MAP 7 Aerobic Work: 8 Minute Amrap
21 Cal Assault BIke
15 Russian KBS
9 Front Squats pulled from floor
rest 8 minutes
x 3 Sets

*weights should all be able to be done unbroken and consistent


Friday June 4, 2021
Title: Friday

Warmup: Coaches Choice warm up

A1) Medium Grip Bench Press: x5; rest 45s
A2) Barbell Reverse Curl: x6-8; rest 45s
x 7 Sets
B) UB AMRAP: 10 Minute Amrap
15-20 Ring Bicep Curls
15-20 Chest Elevated Push Up