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Programming 12.6 – 12.12

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Workout Log: CFSB – Class Programming
Start Date: 2021-12-06
End Date: 2021-12-12

Monday December 6, 2021
Title: Monday
Status: pending

Warmup: Coaches Choice

A) Round the World – Map 10: 2 Sets
1 Minute Transition between each
7 Minute Amrap
10 Assault BIke; let the calories roll up
80yd Shuttle (in 10yd increments)
7 Minute Amrap
5 DB or KB Deadlift
7 Box Jump Step Down
30s Plank on Hands
7 Minute Amrap
5 Ball Slams
7 Abmat Sit Ups
10 Cal Row; roll up the 10 cal per each round

*yep! shuttles – not a straight shot 😉

Tuesday December 7, 2021
Title: Tuesday
Status: pending

Warmup: Coaches Choice

A) Back Squat: @30X1; 5×5; rest 90s between sets

*all sets challenging here
*20 minute cap
B) Vertical Pull + Squat + Breathing: 20 Minute Amrap
8/side Quadruped Plank Row
10 Jump Lunge
30 Double unders or 60 Single Unders
rest 60s

Wednesday December 8, 2021
Title: Wednesday
Status: pending

Warmup: Coaches Choice
-Take some time to cover the movements in technique/expression

A) Power Clean: *no changes here – practice this

A. Technique Work
15 Minute Amrap – choose ONE
4 Hang Muscle Clean
4 Hang Power Clean
2 Tempo Power Clean; 3 seconds to get above the knee
rest 30-60s between sets

B. Expression
15 Minute Cap; Warm up to a heavy set of the complex below
1 Power Clean
1 Hang Power Clean
1 Split Jerk

For today, if you…
-Can power clean your body weight
-You can do it with beautiful technique

Then you may choose “expression”
B) Bend + Horizontal Push + Core: 20 Minute Amrap
8-12 Hanging Leg Raise or Toes to Bar
2010; 5 Deadlifts
Max Push Variation
rest 60s

*horizontal push variations – elevated push up, push up, deficit push up, ring push up, strict stationary dip, ring dip
*choose a modification you can at least hit 5 solid reps or more with

Thursday December 9, 2021
Title: Thursday
Status: pending

Warmup: Coaches Choice

A) Supinated Barbell Bent Over Row: @2012; 5×3-4; rest 90s between sets

*all challenging here
*20 minute cap
B) Squat + Pull: 4 Sets
30s Goblet Squats
30s Rest
30s Strict Pull Ups
30s Rest
30s Wall Sit
30s Rest
30s Hammer Curl
30s Rest

Pull Ups can be broken up – Strict, Banded, or Ring Row

Friday December 10, 2021
Title: Friday
Status: pending

Warmup: Coaches Choice

A) Strict Press: @3111; 5×3-4; rest 90s between sets

*20 minute cap
B) Bend + Push: 15 Minute Amrap
10 Push Press
20 Russian Kettlebell Swings
10 No Push Up Burpee or Burpee Over Bar
rest 60s between

*yes I want this to be a shuttle, I want the cuts in

Saturday December 11, 2021
Title: Saturday
Status: pending

Warmup: Coaches choice

A) Notes: Do it again, show up with the same people if possible, lets see if you can adjust to finish 🙂
B) Teams of 2: Get the work done! Only one person works at a time – Start where you want, move where you want, break the work up between the two of you how you want – but you have to finish one thing before moving on to the next.

30 Minute Cap
100 Wall Balls
500 Jump Rope Singles
300yds Goblet Carry
80 Push Ups
80 Partner Med Ball Sit Ups
90/75 Cal Assault Bike

*Whatever you use for the wall ball, use for the sit ups

Sunday December 12, 2021
Title: Sunday
Status: pending

Warmup: Coaches choice

A) Overhead Squat: *we’ll hit up some wrist prep prior to this!
@3211; 5×2; rest 90s between sets
B) Gymnastics – HS Work + Rope Accumulation + BW: 20 Minute Amrap
10-20s L-sit Hang
30-60s Freestanding Hold Practice
4-5 Rope Lowers
4-5 Wall Walks
10 Cal Row