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Programming 12.21 – 12.27

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Workout Log: CFSB – Class Programming
Start Date: 2020-12-21
End Date: 2020-12-27

Monday December 21, 2020
Title: Monday

Warmup: 3 Minute Easy Assault Bike
EMOM x 4 Minutes
20s Bike
3 No Push Up Burpees
*build in pace each set of bike – end at a tough pace
7-10 Minutes working on the basics – PVC or light bar Deadlift

A) Notes: whiteboard: score deadlift or RDL weight, then score total reps for the amrap (along with the weight you floor pressed at)
B) Bend – 15 Minutes to warm up and finish: Deadlift x
Romanian Deadlift x

*build across sets
C) 15 Min Amrap: 8 Floor Press
10 No Push Up Burpees Over Bar *lateral
20/16 Cal Assault Bike


Tuesday December 22, 2020
Title: Tuesday

Warmup: 60s Jump Rope Singles
4 Alternating Spiderman with Vertical Reach *pause for about a 3 count in each position
x 4 Sets
7-10 Minutes to work on the basics
Air Squat

A) Note: Whiteboard Score: score Back squat or goblet squat weight, then score total time or total reps performed for part C
B) Squat – 15 Minutes to warm up and finish: Back Squat x
Goblet Squat x10.

*build across sets
C) For Time – 12 Min Cap: 50 Calorie Row
50 Box Step Ups
50 Double Unders or 150 Singles
50 Box Step Ups


Wednesday December 23, 2020
Title: Wednesday – 12 Days of Xmas

A) Option 1 – 40 minute cap: 10 Cal Bike
2 Deadlift
3 Push Ups
4 No Push Burpees
5 Abmat Sit Ups
6 DB Snatch
7 DB Goblet Squat
8 DB Three Point Row /side
9 Box Jumps
10 Russian KBS
11 DB Push Press/arm
120 Jump Rope Singles

*choose weights and modifications that you can crush.
*if you are moving fast enough, and your screen stays on – you may roll your calories up

People will need a
DB -must be same weight across board
Jump Rope

B) Option 2 – 40 minute cap: 10 Cal Row
2 Hang Power Clean *at 55-65% of PP
3 Push Ups
4 Burpees
5 Toes to Bar
6 KB Snatch
7 KB Goblet Squat
8 Kipping Pull Ups
9 Box Jumps
10 Russian KBS
11 Push Press *same HPC weight
120 Double Unders

*only choose this option if you can perform everything Rx

People will need a
KB – same weight across the board
Jump Rope

*pick a spot near or under the pull up bar


Thursday December 24, 2020


Friday December 25, 2020
Status: pending


Saturday December 26, 2020
Title: Full Body EMOM

A) EMOM Full Body: Every 4 minutes x 32 Minutes

Odd Rounds
4 Minutes to Perform
20 Wall Ball
20 Abmat sit Ups
15 Three Point DB Row/arm
rest remaining time

Even Rounds
4 Minutes to perform
20 Russian KBS
20 Alternating Russian Twists
15 DB or KB Push Press x Side
rest remaining time


Sunday December 27, 2020
Title: Map 10

A) Technique: One more week or practice 🙂
B) Map 10: 4 Sets
5 Minute Jog
5 Minute Row
5 Minute Bike