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Programming 12.20 – 12.26

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Workout Log: CFSB – Class Programming
Start Date: 2021-12-20
End Date: 2021-12-26

Monday December 20, 2021
Title: Monday
Status: pending

Warmup: Coaches Choice

A) 15 Minute Amraps: *1 minute transition between each

15 Minute Amrap
10 DB or KB Deadlift
10 Box Jumps w/Step Down
100yd Shuttle (in 10yd increments)
15 Minute Amrap
25/20 Cal Assault Bike
20 Sit Ups
15 No Push Up Burpees
15 Minute Amrap
Row for Calories

*yep! shuttles – not a straight shot AGAIN

Tuesday December 21, 2021
Title: Tuesday
Status: pending

Warmup: Coaches Choice

A) Back Squat: @30X1;; rest 90-120s between

*build across sets, leave a little in the tank today
*20 minute cap
B) Vertical Pull + Squat + Breathing: 15 Minute Amrap
2 Strict Pull Ups *bands allowed
4 Jump Squats
6 Barbell Bicep Curl
8 BW Walking Lunge
30 Double Unders

Wednesday December 22, 2021
Title: Wednesday
Status: pending

Warmup: Coaches Choice
-Take some time to cover the movements in technique/expression

A) Power Clean: *no changes here – practice this

A. Technique Work
15 Minute Amrap – choose ONE
2 Hang Muscle Clean
2 Hang Power Clean
2 Power Cleans
rest 30-60s

B. Expression
15 Minute Cap; Warm up to a heavy set of the complex below
1 Power Clean
1 Push Jerk

For today, if you…
-Can power clean your body weight
-You can do it with beautiful technique

Then you may choose “expression”
B) Bend + Horizontal Push: For Time; 12 Minutes
2 Minute Cal Row
50 Abmat Sit Ups
50 Push Ups
50 Abmat sit Ups
50 Russian KBS

*stagger individuals into the row
*you can break the reps up as you’re going through this – it’s a chipper

notes; two scores here

  1. How many calories you got in the 2 minutes
  2. total time (including the 2 minutes)

Thursday December 23, 2021
Title: Thursday
Status: pending

Warmup: Coaches Choice

A) Landmine Meadows Row: 5×6-8/arm; rest 90s between sets

*all challenging here
*20 minute cap
B) Squat + Pull: 4 Sets
30s Alternating Single Arm DB Hang Squat Clean
30s Rest
30s Ring Row
30s Rest
30s Assault Bike for Calories
30s Rest
30 Forearm Plank
30s Rest

Friday December 24, 2021
Status: pending

Saturday December 25, 2021
Status: pending

Sunday December 26, 2021
Title: Sunday
Status: pending

Warmup: Coaches choice

A) Overhead Squat: 20 Minute Cap
Cyclist overhead squat
@3010; 5×4-6; rest 90s between

3xMax Reps @ 80% of last weeks 1rm
B) Gymnastics – HS Work + Rope Accumulation + BW: 20 Minute Amrap *do this again, continue to practice
10-20 Hollow Rocks
10 Kick Ups to Freestanding
3 Rope Climbs
10 Cal Assault Bike