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Programming 11.7 – 11.13

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Workout Log: CFSB – Class Programming
Start Date: 2020-11-07
End Date: 2020-11-13

Saturday November 7, 2020
Title: Saturday

Warmup: I’ll be coaching, I prefer to create the warm up based on who I see in class 🙂

A) Notes: *practice!
B) Mixed Modal Work – Constant Variance: 3 Sets; for consistency
A. 1k Assault Bike
B. 15 Wall Balls
C. 20 Alternating Hang DB Snatch
D. 30 Doubles or 90 Singles
E. 400m Run
rest 5 minutes between sets

Set 1: ABCDE
Set 2: EADCB
Set 3: BCDAE

*Goal; same time each set
*Choose modifications you are confident you can move with


Sunday November 8, 2020
Title: Sunday

A) MM Accumulation; core + breathing + Lower body: 40 Minute Amrap
40/35 Cal Assault Bike
60s Dual KB Front Rack March
150 JR Singles
30 Prisoner Step Ups
20 Abmat Sit Ups
20 Russian KBS


Monday November 9, 2020
Title: Wk 9 – Monday

A) Notes: Whiteboard score is your squatting weight

*if you are doing wades army this weekend – you should probably hit your opener on the back squator 90% of it, and call it there
B) Warm Up: 7 Min Amrap
20s Side Plank Clamshell hold/side (with or without theraband)
x5 Goblet Squats
30s Dead Bug Hold
x8 KB Good Mornings

C) Pull Work – 15 Minutes to warm up, finish, transition: Three Point Row; rest 30-60s between arms

*I want 5 sets of the heaviest 8 you can manage
D) Squat Work – 15 Minutes to warm up, finish, and transition: Option 1: Back Squat
3.2.1; rest 2 minutes between sets

Option 2: Goblet squat
20.20.20; build across sets until you get to the heaviest 20 that you can @ 20X1

Choose the goblet squat if you are still working on the pattern of the squat – a good goal to shoot for before moving on to the back squat is being able to do half your bodyweight in the goblet squat for these sets

E) Mixed Modal Pull / Squat Focused: 4 Sets
2:30 perform
10 Box Jumps with Step Down
10 Reverse Lunges
10 Air Squats
Max Assault Bike Cals in time remaining

*no rest! you’ll get off, then get right back into it – adjust your pace accordingly

Intent: sustainability and quality


Tuesday November 10, 2020
Title: Tuesday

A) Notes: Whiteboard score is the floor press weight

*take around 6-8 minutes between B and C to warm up for the Mixed Modal piece – go through the movements yourself to ensure you are comfortable with them
B) Warm Up: 10 Minutes to perform hang power clean and push press work
6 minutes to warm up to your Floor Press weight
C) Press Work – 10 Min: Option 1: Glute Bridge Barbell Floor Press
Every 2:30
*build to a tough 3

Option 2:
Every 2:30 x 4 Sets
Glute Bridge Barbell Floor Press x 8-10
D) Mixed Modal Bend / Push Focused: Option 1: higher skill
12 Min Amrap
30 Double Unders or 90 Singles
5 Hang Power Clean to S2O
8 Burpee box Jumps

Option 2:
12 Min Amrap
30 Doubles or 90 singles
12 No Push Up Burpees
20 American KBS

*intent; sustainability and quality
*choose an option you’re comfortable with performing the movements at speed. be honest with your abilities.


Wednesday November 11, 2020
Title: Wednesday

Warmup: Take a moment to do a few mini rounds to dial this work in
3-4 Sets;
30s on bike
5 sit Ups
5 Step Ups
continuous movement

A) Notes: -attempt to stay within 15s of your fastest and slowest time

Whiteboard Score is your fastest to slowest round AND total reps

Fastest; 2:15
Slowest; 2:20
400 reps

B) Sustainable Work: 10 Sets for time – 27 min cap
15 Cal Bike or Row
10 Sit ups
10 Step Ups
30s Rest after each round

*intent: sustainable
*practice timing each round individually – focus is same round times every round


Thursday November 12, 2020
Title: Thursday

Wades Day Workout! Come in and support us for Wades Day Today!


Friday November 13, 2020
Title: Friday

A) Notes: Whiteboard score – DL weight

Optional general warmup and mobility work.
General Barbell Warm Up: RDL, Press, Squat, x5 of each a 1-3 sets (until loose/warm)
Snatch Position Stretches: x10 seconds in each position x1-3rounds or until loose

A, B, Cs’:
1) Squatting Quad Muscle Snatch x3-5
2) Squatting Quad Power Snatch x3
3) Squatting Quad Power Snatch TO Overhead Squat x3
4) Squatting Quad Snatch (squat snatch) x3

1) 3 Part Pausing Power Snatch x3
2) 3 Part Pausing Power Snatch TO Overhead Squat x3
3) 3 Part Pausing Snatch (squat snatch) x3

1) 3 Part Pausing Power Snatch TO Full Speed Power Snatch x1+1
2) 3 Part Pausing Power Snatch TO Overhead Squat TO Full Speed Power Snatch TO Overhead Squat x1+1
3) 3 Part Pausing Snatch TO Full Speed Snatch x1+1

C) Power Snatch Skill Work: EMOM x 10 Minutes
Power Snatch x 1-2;
work up to a heavy single
*or variation

*Intent = skill work
Modifications are;
Hang Power Snatch x3-4
Hang Muscle Snatch x4-6
Snatch RDL x4-6
D) Push / Bend Accessory: For Time
Strict Push Up
*20 doubles or 40 Singles between each set (basically everywhere you see a “.”)