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Programming 11.23 – 11.25

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Stay tuned for the @home workouts while we are closed over the holidays and weekend 🙂

Workout Log: CFSB – Class Programming
Start Date: 2020-11-23
End Date: 2020-11-25

Monday November 23, 2020
Title: Monday

A) Warm Up: 10 Min Amrap
4 Alternating See Saw Walks – @5050
10 Forearm Plank with Posterior Pelvic Tilts
10 Alternating Superman

*if you need balance assistance for a see saw walk – grab a PVC

B) Bend – 15 Minute cap: Option 1:
Romanian Deadlift @ 3111; 3-5×6-8; rest 2 minutes between

Option 2:
Deadlift @3111; 3-5×6-8; rest 2 minutes between

*choose option 2 only if you have a beautiful position on an RDL
*score weight on whiteboard
*use the higher range if you could use some practice with the movements
*you may build slightly across
C) Mixed Modal Lower Body: 15 Min Amrap
15/12 Cal Bike
30 Double Unders or 90 Singles
10 Alternating Step Ups
10 Russian Kettlebell Swings
5/arm Single Arm KB front squat
rest 1:1

*all sets “unbroken” so to speak here
*score total # of rounds + reps on board


Tuesday November 24, 2020
Title: Tuesday

A) Warm Up: 10 Min Amrap
5 Perfect Air Squats @3211
5 Jump Squats
10 Alternating Childs Pose w/Rotation
10 Alternating Plank March

B) Double Leg Squat – 18 Min Cap: @3111; Back Squat 4×6-8; rest 90-120s between

*score weight on whiteboard
*you may build across sets
C) Upper Body Push / Pull Vertical – 18 Min Amrap: @3111; Strict Pull Ups x 6-10; rest 30s
@2112; Left Arm Single Arm Z-Press x 6-8; rest 30s
@2112; Right Arm Single Arm Z-Press x6-8; rest 30s

*all sets tough
*no score for whiteboard
*if using KB – thumb goes to chest/sternum area, if using a DB – perform it as an arnold press
*bands or ring rows are okay – you must keep the tempo, negatives are also okay as long as you can keep the 1 at the top, 3 down, and 1 hang at the bottom


Wednesday November 25, 2020
Title: Wednesday

A) Warm Up – Clean – Position: Take 10 minutes to work through holding 10-15s in each of positions, get through as many rounds as possible in the 10 minutes

Start Position
Below the Knee
Above the Kneee
Mid Thigh
High Hang
Rack Position
Quarter Squat
Front Squat
B) Skill: 10 Minutes Practicing / Working up in the complex
1 Press
2 Push Press
3 Push Jerk
C) EMOM x 12 Minutes: 4 Sets
1:30 to perform
Deadlift TNG x 6
Push Up or Ring Dips x 9-12

1:30 to perform
45s Assault Bike; be consistent with your RPM

*ranges are unbroken
*they are also – “pretty,” – choose a weight/movement modification that looks mechanically sound
*score your DL


Thursday November 26, 2020
Title: Thursday
Status: pending

Warmup: Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🙂

A) diaphragmatic breathing (seated or supine): Take 5 minutes to perform some Diaphragmatic breathing after eating all of your food 🙂
B) Move Blood: Today, just get out and move blood.
Walk, Hike, Bike – 60 minutes


Friday November 27, 2020
Title: Friday
Status: pending

A) Warm Up: 60s Jumping Jacks
Spiderman Lunge Warm Up
x 3 Sets
B) Primal Movement Pattern Practice: 20 Min Amrap for QUALITY
10 Walking Lunges *or lunge in place
10m Bear Crawl *or 20 Quadruped Shoulder Taps
10m Crab Walk *or 10 Tabletop Glute Bridges