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Programming 10.10 – 10.16

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Workout Log: CFSB – Class Programming
Start Date: 2020-10-10
End Date: 2020-10-16

Saturday October 10, 2020
Title: Saturday

Warmup: I’ll be coaching, I prefer to create the warm up based on who I see in class 🙂

A) Mixed Modal Work: 2 Sets For time – 35 Minute Cap for both
2k Assault Bike
30 Wall Balls
40 *Alternating Hang DB Snatch
50 Double Unders or 150 Singles
1k Row
Rest 5 minutes between sets

*Choose modifications you are confident you can move with


Sunday October 11, 2020
Title: Sunday

A) Mixed Cyclical w/Isometrics Aerobic Work : 40 Minute Amrap
400m Bike
30yard/arm SA Farmers Carry
200m Run
20 yard bear crawl
30yard SA OH DB or KB Carry/arm


Monday October 12, 2020
Title: Wk 5 – Monday

Warmup: EMOM x 2 Sets
M1. 30s of Alternating in place Monster walks – FWD BACKWARD
M2. 6-8 Counterbalance squats
M3. 20-35s Forearm Plank
8 Minutes to build to your back Squat

A) Notes: Whiteboard Score
Back Squat weight and three point row weight

You can start on the Pull/core piece if there aren’t enough racks
B) Back Squat – 9 min: Every 3 min
C) Pull + Core – 9 min: Every 3 min x 3 Sets
5-7 Three Point Row/arm
20-30s Side Plank/side OR modification

Side Star Plank, or KB Side Star Plank
D) Pull + Breathing – 9 min: 9 Min Amrap
8 Reverse Barbell Curls
8 Supine KB Pullovers
15/12 Cal Bike


Tuesday October 13, 2020
Title: Tuesday

Warmup: 10 Minutes to cover and move through
Hang Power Clean and Push Press
8 Minutes to build in the BB Floor Press

A) Glute Bridge Barbell Floor Press – 12 Min: Every 3 Minutes
B) Push / Bend Accessory: 15 Min Amrap
5 Hang Power Clean
rest 15s
5 Push Press
rest 15s
10 Box Jumps w/Step Down
rest 30s

*feel free to make adjustments across sets
*modify to a movement you can express , HPC or RDL


Wednesday October 14, 2020
Title: Wednesday

Warmup: no warm up – get it

A) MAP 10: 20 Min Amrap
10 American KBS
200m Run
30s Forearm Plank
rest/walk 10 Minutes
20 Min Amrap
10 American KBS
200m Run
30s Forearm Plank

*this pace should be something you can nail right away, with no warm up, and stay consistent with


Thursday October 15, 2020
Title: Thursday

Warmup: 9 Minute Amrap
10 Push Up Plus
5/Side – Side Lying Arm Sweep
50 JR Singles

A) Strict Pull Up – 12:00: At the top of a 3:00 Mark
x 4 Sets

Weighted Pull Up – Pronated x 6-8
Max Unbroken Set of Strict Pronated Pull ups
Max Unbroken Set of Negatives *stop once you can no longer maintain the tempo
Max Unbroken Set of Ring Rows

-No Bands
-With the exception of the weighted pull up, try to stay in the 5-10 range
-there is enough time in the 3:00 for everyone to alternate and avoid one another
B) Map 7 Intervals – SL – 25 minutes: 10 Min Amrap
30 Cal bike or Row
40 Double Unders or 120 Singles
30 Box Step Ups
rest 5 minutes
x 2 Sets


Friday October 16, 2020
Title: Friday

Warmup: 10 Minutes to Warm up with the power snatch or variations – the coach will walk everyone through these

A) Power Snatch Skill Work: EMOM x 10 Minutes
Power Snatch x 2-3; all perfect
*or variation

*THIS is the context for skill work today
Power Snatch, Hang Power Snatch, Hang Muscle Snatch or Snatch RDL
B) Push / Bend Accessory: 15 Min Amrap
5 Deadlifts; tough but pretty
rest 15s
6-8 Single Arm Push Press/side *tough
rest 15s
6-10 Strict Push Ups
rest 30s