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Programming 1.9 – 1.15

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Workout Log: CFSB – Class Programming
Start Date: 2021-01-09
End Date: 2021-01-15

Saturday January 9, 2021
Title: Full Body Chipper

A) Full Body Chipper Work: 4 Sets
6 Minutes to Perform
20 Wall Ball
20 Russian KBS
10/side KB Clean to Push Press
20 Abmat sit Ups


Sunday January 10, 2021
Title: Map 10

A) Notes: Lets speed this up a little
B) Map 10: 10 Sets
60s Jog
30s Transition
60s Row
30s Transition
60s Bike
30s Transition


Monday January 11, 2021
Title: Monday

Warmup: Whiteboard Score
-Heaviest Floor Press
-Total Reps C

A) Warm Up: Take a few moments to cover the movements below, then perform
4 Sets, increasing in pace – 7 min cap
6 Alternating DB Muscle Snatch
4 Quality Burpees
6 Box Step Up and Overs with same DB
rest 30s between

B) Horizontal Push – 20 Minutes to warm up and finish: Glute Bridge Barbell Floor Press

*keep these sets moderate to tough in the range
C) Bend + Push Accumulation: 12 Min Amrap
8 Hand Release Burpees
8 Box Step Up and Overs w/DB Snatch Weight
16 Single Arm Dumbbell Muscle Snatch

*use a single DB for the step up and over, hold it however you’d like
*choose weights you can move continuously with


Tuesday January 12, 2021
Title: Tuesday

Warmup: Whiteboard Score
-Total # of pull ups
-Thruster Weight

A) Warm Up: 5/Side Quadruped Plank Row *light
10 Alternating Childs Pose with T-spine rotation
12 Reverse Lunges
B) Vertical Pull – 12 Min Amrap: Max Sets in 12 minutes of
Max Reps Strict Pull Ups; rest 60s

Max Banded Pull Ups; rest 60s (start with something you can confidently hit 10 with UNDER CONTROL)

*banded pull ups are okay for this one

C) Squat + Pull Accumulation: 15 Minute Cap
10 Thrusters
rest 30s
8-10 Three Point Rows/arm
rest 60s
x 4 Sets

*these ranges are unbroken


Wednesday January 13, 2021
Title: Wednesday

Warmup: Whiteboard Score

No score, although you should have tracked last week and should be able to dial this in a bit more – we want consistency here!

We’ve got different ordering this week! this changes the stimulus slightly

A) Warm Up: Coaches choice warm up
B) MAP 5 – Aerobic Work: 3 Min Amrap
10 Alternating Single Arm DB Power Clean
10 Reverse Lunges
3 Minute Rest
x 2 Sets
3 Minute Amrap
10 No Push Up Burpees
10 Abmat Sit Ups
3 Minute Rest
x 2 Sets
directly into
3 Min Amrap
10 Cal Assault Bike
30 Double Unders or 60 Singles
3 Minute Rest
x 2 Sets


Thursday January 14, 2021
Title: Thursday

Warmup: Whiteboard Score
-PS or DL Weight

A) Warm Up: Coaches Choice Warm Up
B) Bend Focused – 20 Minutes to Warm Up and Finish: Power Snatch

*You may choose the power snatch if you are able to hit 1.5x your Bodyweight x 3 reps in the deadlift

*build slightly across sets
C) Push + Bend Accumulation: For Time – 9 Min Cap
Push Press; light to moderate weight, all unbroken
Russian Kettlebell Swing; tough weight


Friday January 15, 2021
Title: Friday

Warmup: Whiteboard Score
-bent over row weight
-Goblet squat weight

A) Warm Up: at the top of a 2 Minute Mark x 4 Sets
45s Assault Bike; build across sets to moderate
30s Plank
6-8 Goblet Squats
B) Front Squat – 20 Minutes to warm up and finish: Front Squat x

*build slightly across sets
C) Pull + Squat Accumulation: EMOM x 4 Sets
Minute 1: 10 Dead Bug Pullovers
Minute 2: 10-12 Barbell Curls
Minute 3: 8-10 Box Jumps with Step Down