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Programming 1.23 – 1.29

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Saturday January 23, 2021
Title: MAP 10

A) MAP 10: 45 Min Amrap
20 Cal Assault Bike
12 Alternating Plank Shoulder Taps
50 JR Singles
20s/arm Mixed Rack Overhead HOLD (not carry)


Sunday January 24, 2021
Title: Saturday

A) Snatch Work: 60 Minutes of Snatch Skill work


Monday January 25, 2021
Title: Monday

Warmup: Whiteboard Score
-Heaviest Floor Press
-Total Reps C

A) Warm Up: Take a few moments to cover the movements below, then perform
4 Sets, increasing in pace – 7 min cap
6 Alternating DB Muscle Snatch
4 Quality Burpees
6 Box Step Up and Overs with same DB
rest 30s between

B) Horizontal Push – 20 Minutes to warm up and finish: Glute Bridge Barbell Floor Press

*keep these sets moderate to tough in the range
C) Bend + Push Accumulation: 12 Min Amrap
6 Double Push Up Burpees
12 Single Arm Dumbbell Muscle Snatch
30 Double Unders or 60 Singles

*choose weights you can move continuously with


Tuesday January 26, 2021
Title: Tuesday

Warmup: Whiteboard Score
-Total # of pull ups
-Thruster Weight

A) Warm Up: 5/Side Quadruped Plank Row *light
10 Alternating Childs Pose with T-spine rotation
12 Reverse Lunges
B) Vertical Pull – 12 Min Amrap: *challenge your score from a couple weeks ago

Max Sets in 12 minutes of
Max Reps Strict Pull Ups; rest 60s

Max Banded Pull Ups; rest 60s (start with something you can confidently hit 10 with UNDER CONTROL)

*banded pull ups are okay for this one

C) Squat + Pull Accumulation: 15 Minute Cap
12 Thrusters
rest 30s
10-12 Three Point Rows/arm
rest 60s
x 4 Sets

*these ranges are unbroken


Wednesday January 27, 2021
Title: Wednesday

Warmup: Whiteboard score
Total reps for amrap A, and total reps for amrap B

A) Warm Up: Coaches choice warm up
B) MAP 5: 12 Minute Amrap
10 No Push Up Burpees
10 Alternating Single Arm DB Power Clean
10 Cal Assault Bike
rest 12 minutes
12 Min Amrap
10 Air Squats
10 Abmat Sit Ups
30 Double Unders or Singes


Thursday January 28, 2021
Title: Thursday

Warmup: Whiteboard Score
-PS or DL Weight
-Slowest and Fastest time for C

A) Warm Up: Coaches Choice Warm Up
B) Bend Focused – 20 Minutes to Warm Up and Finish: Power Snatch

*You may choose the power snatch if you are able to hit 1.5x your Bodyweight x 3 reps in the deadlift

*build slightly across sets
C) Push + Bend Accumulation: 5 Sets for time(s) – 14 Minute Cap
10 Unbroken Push Press
15 Unbroken Russian Kettlebell Swings
rest 60s between sets

*looking for consistent round times here


Friday January 29, 2021
Title: Friday

Warmup: Whiteboard Score
-Front Squat weight

A) Warm Up: at the top of a 2 Minute Mark x 4 Sets
45s Assault Bike; build across sets to moderate
30s Plank
6-8 Goblet Squats
B) Front Squat – 20 Minutes to warm up and finish: Front Squat x

*build slightly across sets
C) Pull + Squat Accumulation: *dial this in a bit tougher from two weeks ago

EMOM x 5 Sets
Minute 1: 10 Dead Bug Pullovers
Minute 2: 10-12 Barbell Curls
Minute 3: 8-10 Box Jumps with Step Down