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Primal Kitchen-Part I

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In just a few months the South Bend/Granger area will be home to one of the first Primal Kitchen restaurants not just in the country, but in the world.

The Primal Kitchen restaurant will be a series of primally minded restaurants throughout the country that focus on making delicious, nutritious, real whole food meals that are convenient and affordable.

In the video I sit down to chat with Tara Olson (co-owner of the Primal Kitchen restaurant with her husband Tom Olson) and Anthony Fulton, who will be the General Manager of the Primal Kitchen restaurant in Granger.

In this video, which is part 1 of a three part series, Tara and Anthony discuss the philosophy behind the Primal Kitchen restaurants and what got them interested in being involved in the project.

In part 2, which will come out in few weeks Tara and Anthony will give you guys an exclusive preview of certain menu options that will be available (spoiler: they sound delicious!)

In part 3, Tara and Anthony will be taking us through the Primal Kitchen restaurant itself once it’s fully open.

You guys can follow the Primal Kitchen South Bend on Facebook and Instagram. And, if you’re interested in more details about the Primal Kitchen restaurant chain you can check them out here.

Tara, Tom, and Anthony we just want to say thanks so much for bringing this great restaurant to our area! We can’t wait for it to open.

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