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Nikki’s Story-Eating Healthy while Flying Most Weeks for Work

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Nikki’s Story-Eating Healthy while Flying Most Weeks for Work-CFSB Wellness Wednesday

In this video Nikki tells us about her journey of losing 23lbs, 1.5 inches off her waist, and 3 inches off her hips.

Nikki’s situation was unique for a couple of reasons. First, in addition to having a family to take care of, Nikki basically has to fly most weeks for work, which initially seems like it would make good food choices much harder. However, Nikki explains in the video how she just had to make a few not-so-hard changes to her way of doing things like going to Whole Foods rather than a fast food place when she’s in another town.

Second, Nikki lost a little weight during month 1 when we gradually transitioned her to real food. But she really did amazingly well in month 2 when we did the Whole30, and at that point she lost 20lbs in the space of a month. Sometimes the Whole30 is really the catalyst that makes the difference for people in terms of weight loss.

Nikki, you did an awesome job with everything, and we’re all so proud of you! Keep up the great work!

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