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The New Nutrition Facts Label-What You Need to Know

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The New Nutrition Facts Label-What You Need to Know-CFSB Wellness Wednesday

In this video I talk about the recent changes to the nutrition facts label. While there are a number of changes to the new nutrition facts label, some of which are good but very long overdue, it’s still not the most important thing to pay attention on the back of a food.

The most important thing to pay attention to on a food label is the ingredient list not the nutrition facts. Another way to put this, which I have emphasized over and over with our Wellness Wednesday videos is that food quality matters far more than food quantity. Food quantity is still important but not nearly as much as food quality. Furthermore, the healthiest foods typically don’t have ingredient labels or nutrition facts at all.

In my very first Wellness Wednesday video on how to read an ingredient label I said that the ingredient label was far more important from a health perspective than the nutrition facts label. A year later even with the new nutrition facts label I 100% stick by that claim. If you’re interested you can watch that very first video here:

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