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Mindfulness Mondays: 12 Daily Choices That Define Your Life

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You make thousands of choices every day.

What to do next…

What to eat…

What to say…

Most of these choices don’t matter very much. You won’t remember them in a few weeks.

About 1 dozen of these choices do matter.

They aren’t the choices that define a day. They’re the choices that define your life.

They’re the most important choices you’ll ever make, and you get to make them every day.

When you wake up in the morning…

Choose gratitude, because life is filled with countless gifts.

Choose happiness, because you can be a source of light for others.

Choose humility, because you aren’t perfect and you’ll never be.

Choose abundance, because the world is filled with opportunity.

When you come to a crossroads…

Choose action, because you have the opportunity to make things better.

Choose your priorities, because you’ve only got one life to live.

Choose persistence, because life’s resistance will try to stop you.

Choose curiosity, because the world has endless wonders to discover.

Choose patience, because creating lasting positive change doesn’t happen overnight.

Choose courage, because doing the right thing usually isn’t comfortable.

Choose ownership, because you’re in the driver’s seat in life.

Above all else…

Choose awareness, because the biggest danger in life isn’t making the wrong choice, it’s not realizing you have a say in the matter.

So what’ll it be?

The choice is yours.

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