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Marlanna’s Story: No More Acid Reflux after 20 years!

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When Marlanna and I first met she came to a bring a friend day CrossFit workout and had to stop the workout very shortly after she started because her acid reflux was so bad.
Marlanna had been dealing with severe reflux for 20 years. She had taken reflux medications daily for 20 years, and it was to the point where drinking water was giving her acid reflux. The next step her doctors recommended was surgery to flip her stomach upside down. That’s not a typo, that’s what was actually suggested.
Marlanna decided that wasn’t the route for her, and as a result she signed up for our Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® program where we use nutrition and lifestyle to help people achieve optimal health.
Her results have been amazing! First, and most importantly, it’s been a few months since she needed to use any heartburn medication when she used to take it daily. She doesn’t have to worry about horrible feeling of reflux on a daily basis and she doesn’t need to pay for an extra prescription to take very day for the rest of her life. When we filmed the video a couple months ago she had lost 19lbs. However as of today she’s lost 35lbs, 7 inches off her waist, and 5 inches off her hips!
Marlanna we’re so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished! Keep up the great work!


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