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Kale tastes like feet! Or does it?

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Everyone’s got an opinion on kale. Some people love it. Some people love to hate it because it’s been the new “it” vegetable for the past few years. And Jim Gaffigan says kale tastes like feet.

The main point of this video is not just to show you a kale recipe that you may like. But also to show you that trying the same food in a different way might change a food you don’t like into a food you like.

Raw, boiled or steamed kale, in my opinion tastes pretty gross. So, on that, I agree with the kale detractors. However if you saute that same kale with ghee, garlic, and salt it ends up tasting really good (or at least in my opinion).

It’s also a super quick side dish that takes less than 10mins from start to finish.

Give it a try and see what you think. Everyone’s taste is different so you may not like it. But then again, you might be able to add a new vegetable to your repertoire.

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