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Jeremy and Heather’s Story-No Excuses

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I can’t eat healthy because of my spouse. I can’t eat healthy because of my kids. I can’t eat healthy because of how much I work, my job, etc.

How many times have we used these excuses to avoid changing our health for the better? I know I’ve done it.

Jeremy owns two local businesses, has a lovely wife, Heather, and he has two kids. Jeremy’s clearly a busy man. He could have used any one of those facts as an excuse to avoid healthy eating and changing his life for the better. But he didn’t. He accepted the challenge of changing his health and life with healthy eating.

When Jeremy initially came to see me he was looking to lose weight and get healthy again. After seeing  his first food journal I could clearly see that the main issue was that he was eating processed foods/restaurant foods 80-90% of the time and home cooked meals about 10-20% of the time. I told him that to achieve his goals, he would need to start eating home cooked meals 80-90% of time and having processed/restaurant food 10-20% of the time.

He could have easily said:

“I run two businesses, there’s no way I can do that!”

“My wife doesn’t currently eat that way, how am I going to?”

“I have two kids, they won’t eat this way.”

But he didn’t complain, he didn’t object, he just gave it a try, and he did an amazing job! He lost 20lbs over the course of 3 months, a healthy, sustainable amount of weight to lose that he won’t immediately gain back because he wasn’t on a crash diet. He lost 3.75 inches off his waist and 1.75 inches off his hips.

Not only that, Jeremy’s wife Heather decided to give this way of eating a try as well and she lost 11lbs, 7 inches off her hips 3 inches off her waist! They made it work with two kids and numerous responsibilities and so can you.

This is normally the time of year when the motivation for that New Year’s Resolution starts to wear off. Don’t let it. Don’t make excuses for letting your goals get away from you.

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