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Jean Jammin’ and Better Poops: The Angie and Amy Story Part I

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What can I say about these two clowns? This has been one of most fun experiences I’ve ever had as a nutrition coach. Amy and Angie are a dynamic duo that should seriously have their own TV show! Watch their story and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

This Angie and Amy story was so epic we had to split it into a two parter. Today we’ll release part 1 and at a later date we’ll release part 2. Let’s talk about what happened during their three months of nutrition coaching.

-Amy lost 18lbs, she had better digestion, she had a 75% reduction in her psoriasis, her clothes feel better, her heartburn is100% better, headaches are way better, and she has better endurance during workouts.

Angie had better looking skin, better quality sleep, went down a size in clothes, afternoon slump isn’t as slumpy, she doesn’t feel as bloated, better poops (of course), less back fat, she got better at cooking, and she acquired magical powers 🙂

Overall, these guys did an awesome job, and I’m super proud of them both! Part 1 is hilarious, and Part 2 is even more hilarious.

I’ll leave with the following profound thought from Angie “Pooping is winning”. Indeed, Angie. Indeed.

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