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Intro to the Keto Diet

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The Ketogenic Diet is all the rage these days. In this video we explain what the ketogentic diet is, who can it beneficial for, and who shouldn’t do it.

So, what is keto?

It’s a diet based on notion that our diets should primarily be based on healthy fats. Orthodox keto is very high in fat (about 75-80%), very low in carbs (5%), and moderate in protein (about 20-25%)

Who is keto for?

As always, you’d be checking with your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional first about this, but it can be beneficial for people with insulin resistance/Type 2 diabetes, people with neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and it has been studied extensively for certain brain cancers. It can also be really beneficial for endurance athletes.

Who should not do the keto diet?
Although there are exceptions, generally speaking people with thyroid or adrenal issues, women trying to get pregnant, and people who do very glycolytically (e.g., carb) demanding sports like high-level CrossFit.

Here’s the #1 most important thing to remember about keto. It’s a tool, just like a hammer. A hammer is really good for some things, but not so good for others. Keto is a very useful tool that is very helpful for certain things but not the right tool for others.

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