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How to Survive the Holidays

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The holidays can be rough. A lot of people let their healthy eating habits go out the window during the holidays.
But there’s a way to survive the holidays when you realize one simple thing: eating whatever you want on the DAY OF Thanksgiving and the DAY OF Christmas, for example, never made anyone fat, sick or diabetic. Those single days are not the problem, assuming you’re eating healthy the rest of the time.
The problem is really with two things.
1. That we make November 1st-December 31st into an unmitigated food orgy where if someone randomly brings cookies into work on a Wednesday we just say something like “Oh well, it’s the holidays”
2. The rest of the year we’re not eating that healthy to begin with.
So, what’s the solution?
1.Enjoy yourself with family and friends on those SINGLE DAYS that are holidays
2. Make sure you’re eating healthy the vast majority of the time in between the holidays. (Need help with that? Stay tuned for details about our 90 day nutrition challenge coming up in January)
You should be able to enjoy yourself for legitimate special occasions like the singles days of the holidays. But just because someone brings cookies into work between Thanksgiving and Christmas doesn’t mean it’s a special occasion.

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