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How does having a PVMVP affect the members you serve

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Check out our podcast on this here

Why have a PVMVP (Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values, Principles) as a gym? And how does that matter to members and staff?  

Having a PVMVP helps keep you on track with;

-The type of service you want to provide and what NOT to provide. You know what you’re getting as a member, and full energy is being brought forward to deliver that service consistently.

-The individuals you serve; You’re able to better understand who is right for your gym, and who isn’t – which keeps everyone in the gym working toward a similar goal with less resistance

-The improvement of the quality of your service; you know what you stand for as a professional and you’ve committed to bringing that into the world

-Hiring the right individuals for your business; coaches that are aligned with the purpose are on board with delivering this high value of service, not doing it for the wrong reasons

-The sanity of everyone involved running the business; you’re not chasing anything that looks successful and spreading everyone thin – you and your staff know what to do, and when to do it – which keeps people on the same page

Where does it come from?

Companies are collections of people, companies themselves don’t have a value or purpose. They are tools that individuals live their purpose through and express values through. It helps clarify Why do I/We exist? What makes the decision makers and stakeholders feel alive? Individuals set the PVMVP

What does as PVMVP look like? 

The structure of a PVMVP is that it starts broad and vague and gets more granular. Everything needs to match and align on the way down, and you need to get as close as possible to – what do you ACTUALLY DO – or aspirationally want to do as a business. There is a lot of self reflection that happens as a business along this process as well.

What does OUR PVMVP look like?


Why do we exist? 

To align, guide, inspire, and empower individuals through their fitness and health journey

Breaking this down

Align – to say, these are your outcomes that you’re looking for. Here is what is going to get you there most likely. Behaviors, resources, etc – This could also be something that is NOT US as well, and we have to be okay saying that

Guide – Here are a possible list of next steps, here are the boundaries you can work within

Inspire – connecting these goals to your values, how are these things important in terms of what is truly important to you 

Empower – learning to walk is such a good analogy for empowerment. You find out where they are NOW and you’re kind of helping them stand up, and they fall down. That happens again and again, and when they first start you are right there in front of them, holding their hands. Then you’re eventually moving further and further away, giving less support. Eventually, they get it and it just clicks at some point, now you’re walking beside them and they know what to do in fitness and health.

So when you’re dealing with clients you’ve got to understand where they are at and step from where they are so to speak. That goes in terms of lifestyle; sleep, rhythm, balance work and life – nutrition; chewing, education on kinds and amounts, Training

Some individuals you’ve got to hold hands longer

This also goes along with us as coaches not disempowering ourselves by getting attached to someone elses results. We can’t be healthy for you. You have to do the work, and whether you do the work or not could be because of so many reasons.


What do you see your life force creating?

To have a larger, positive impact on the fitness and health in our community.

To see individuals taking on fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle habits that align with their values and support the larger life they may want to create for themselves.


How will you accomplish this through your behaviors?

We align individuals to their own physical body through education, sound coaching practices and guidance

How are we accomplishing this

-Education; asking questions, our online members page, in person, through email, in the group classes – quarterly goal sessions, also with our individualized services there is a decent amount of office time for opportunity there.

-Sound coaching practices; communication and listening skills, setting expectations and boundaries, assessing goals and reassessing, this process is collaborative, being the beacon of truth in the field, asking good questions

-You come in here and experience things through the physical body and we have to connect some of these other pieces to that


What are our beliefs? Our compass?

With 100% certainty – can you say that you do this


We build relationships with clients on a foundation of transparency, trust, care, and consistency.

-If i don’t think what we have is right for you, I’ll tell you what might be

-There are times where we may not know, and you need to get into it to find out

Continued education

Continued education allows us to create better solutions to foster individuals goals and personal enrichment

-The knowledge of this field is relatively young, where are you intending to Rx it, what do you know relative to this individual

Help First

Every individual should walk away from an interaction with us with something valuable, whether they buy something from us or not.

-We’re human and there is good in all of us, you’re in front of us for a reason. We’re in front of you NOT TO MAKE A SALE – but to have a conversation to find out, what are you’re problems, why do you have them? Given the knowledge right now – does this seem like a good fit? If so – here is what an equal exchange of energy is for us to make a living professionally doing that. 


The Oasis

We create a strong and wholesome community where we nurture a culture of open mindedness and creative expression with a respectful attitude

-Don’t be a dick, be yourself and don’t ridicule people for being themselves

-Ridicule as a form of connection with the right person 

-That person in front of you may know something that you don’t

-There are boundaries around this however. There is a time a place to have difficult conversations – or ones where a varied group of individuals with a range of sensitivities could perceive as difficult

Know thyself

We guide our clients toward higher levels of self awareness to cultivate a growth mindset.

-it starts with yourself, not hiding from your thoughts and feelings

-how you perceive failure, challenges, criticism, others success, intelligence, ego, your values and motivators

The Journey

We embrace fitness and health as a journey. 

-this isn’t a fast track, its a part of life, it’s like brushing your teeth – its not something that should be perceived as a chore, or punishment. Its something that allows you to express a grand version of your life

Transparency adn


How you carry out your values


To practice honesty, transparency, and consistency with clients.

Continued Education

To challenge each other and continue seeking out knowledge in the areas we intend to prescribe it.

Help First

To be present with clients and potential clients, to meet them where they are at, and give insight into what might be beneficial for them.

The Oasis

To learn about, listen, and be open to discussions with our clients without judgment. 

Know Thyself

To practice personal awareness in ourselves, and to practice the art of communication and consulting. 

The Journey

To align where they currently are, and their goals, with their ideal version of fitness and to teach clients the behaviors and tools that will help them live long and prosper so they develop autonomy over their health. 

You can start a business without listing these things out and putting them down on paper, but you may be putting the cart before the horse – and you, your staff, and members might be missing out if you don’t!