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Heather’s Story-It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

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In this testimonial video Heather tells us her story. Heather had a lot of benefits from the 90-day nutrition coaching program like fewer cravings, more energy, better recovery from workouts, etc. But one of her most amazing accomplishments came from a race she recently did. I’ll let her tell you how it went in her own words.

“So I’ve been an endurance athlete for 15+ years and have followed the same principles / guidelines as most (i.e. carbs, Gatorade, gels granola bars) before and during most events. Rinse /Repeat. Always feeling like I had to have that cup of gatorade or gel shot to achieve peak performance and avoid hitting the dreaded “wall”. I always go out too fast and then hang on for dear life at the end of most events. Yesterday I completed my first “primal” half marathon and I have never felt more amazing before, during or after. First time in my entire life that I had ever had a negative split for an endurance event and my last mile was almost a minute faster than my first. I only had water during and then a banana immediately following. Wow. I’m sold ..Primal endurance works.”

So, for those of you who don’t know what a negative split time it means it means that Heather ran the second half of the race FASTER than the first half, which is a really amazing accomplishment. For all the endurance athletes out there who think Gatorades and goos are the only way to go you should know that there’s a different way that can give you more energy, better performance, and better recovery.

Heather, we’re so proud of you and all of your progress! We can’t wait to see how you do in the Boston Marathon in just a few weeks!

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