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FRIDAY, 07.19.13

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Power Clean 5×3 (add 2.5 lbs to last workout)


T. Rice Conditioning Test
Three (3) 300 yard Shuttle Runs
Rest 5 minutes between efforts.
*You have two choices: Six (6) 50 yard shuttles or Five (5) 60 yard shuttles.
To Pass Conditioning Test:
*less than 200 lbs – 60 seconds and below
*200 lbs-250 lbs – 65 seconds and below
*greater than 250 lbs – 70 seconds and below

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  1. Carl, how come you keep posting so many damn half naked pictures of Mike? Are you trying to remind me how sexy he so that I come home to him? I mean Alaska does have a pretty awesome male to female ratio and all…

    1. Haha but it looks his knees and shoes and everything…must have been a mirage! Carl has still been posting lots of pictures of Mike though…some kind of man crush going on here? Carl, Mike told me that you cleaned his bar for the front squat work out the other day 😉 Oh and random side note, there are a bunch of Russian women in gym that work out in the evenings that have been inspired by my pull-ups, I even caught the Coast Guard guys gawking! Up to 3 sets of six now!

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