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Using Your Fitness on Vacation

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Using Your Fitness on Vacation 

For a lot of us fitness has become an integral part of our lives, and we have worked really hard to get where we are today. Because of this, a question we frequently get asked is: “What should I do when I am on vacation?” 

 There are a number of different options available. First, if you are staying at a hotel/resort you can scout out what the gym situation looks like. Normally you aren’t going to have access to barbells, but you will have dumbbells. Just about all barbell movements can also be done using dumbbells so you are in luck there. 

 Another option is to pack a few items in your gym bag that have some versatility to them. Now, I am not suggesting you pack an entire gym to take with. However, things like resistance bands and hip circles/minibands, jump ropes or perhaps a kettlebell if you are driving will all work. All of these items will give you a tone of movement options. 

 Doing body weight exercise is also a great option. There are a number of different variations of squats, push ups, lunges, step ups, pull ups, sit ups, burpees, etc. Take this time to explore some new movements, planes of motion, ranges of motion and take a break from the weights. 

 Also, a great option is to explore physical activities your destination has to offer; go hiking, try to learn how to surf/paddle board, go kayaking, go for a swim in the pool or ocean. Put your fitness to use, learn new things and explore your destination even more.  

 Need some ideas for workout? DM us on our Instagram Page Here, and we will send you our Training on the Road Guide. 

 Lastly and most importantly, IT IS OK NOT TO WORK OUT ON YOUR VACATION. That’s right. I said it. We don’t get to vacation nearly as much as we would like to. When you’re on vacation it is to relax, get away and spend time with family and friends. If you truly enjoy working out, then go do it. 

 However, don’t feel as though it’s something you have to do. If you wake up that day and aren’t feeling it then don’t stress about it, don’t look down on yourself or feel like you’re going to lose your #gainz in the week or so you are on vacation. My wife and I had great intentions of working out when we went on our honeymoon; the resort even had a nice Crossfit style gym. The itch or the want to work out was never strong enough for us to actually make our way to the gym. We did walk the resort, the beach, went on an excursion and snorkeled, and frequently lifted drinks to our mouths ?. It’s your vacation; make what you want out of it.