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Eric’s Story-“I Enjoy this Lifestyle”

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In this video we talk with Eric who ended up losing 25lbs and 5 inches off his waist in his three months of nutrition coaching without calorie counting, carb-counting, or pointing. He just focused on eating real whole food and the pounds came off. He even had to buy all new belts after 3 months.

Initially, Eric was skeptical about:
-eating healthy foods without really knowing how to cook
-dealing with social situations where people would question what he was eating
-the financial and time investment involved in getting healthy again

After going through the process:
-He feels like this can be a sustainable lifestyle long-term. It’s not just a diet. It’s a long-term way of living that he enjoys.
-He didn’t expect to enjoy the food as much as he did.
-he realized that in social situations you have to stick to your guns, and people would routinely notice a difference in how he looked
-after all was said and done he thought the financial and time investment were definitely worth it.

Eric we’re so proud of you and all your progress! Keep up the great work!

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