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Dealing with the Haters

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One thing that almost everyone who starts eating healthy is sure to encounter is the haters.

Who are the haters?

-The people who are skeptical of any eating change
-The people who themselves aren’t motivated enough to make positive changes in their lives so they have to bring other people down
-The people who are food pushers

So how do you deal with the haters? Every situation is different but here are some good rules.

-If someone asks you once or twice why you’re having a gluten free bun or no dessert, for example, just politely say that eating this way makes you feel better and leave it at that
-If they persist a third or a fourth time ask them why they care what you’re eating. As long as you’re not pushing them to eat something, which you shouldn’t do, there’s no reason why it should bother them that you’re eating a certain way.
-If it still continues and you consider this person a true friend or loved one ask yourself why you’re still hanging out with them. If they really love you and care about you they should let you pursue what you choose. Alternatively, find some other non-eating activity to do together.

At the end of the day, each situation is different, but hopefully this gives you some options for dealing with these situations.

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