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Corinne’s Story

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In this video we sit down to talk with Corinne and her experience with our Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® program.

Corinne came to see me having issues with losing weight and chronic digestive issues. Initially, as she mentions in the video, the idea of giving up grains for a period of time as well as certain other foods wasn’t very appealing to her. However, once she did it she felt a lot better.

One of the biggest things for Corinne was cutting out the sugar. She said she felt way better cutting out all the sugar from her diet even though it was initially difficult. She didn’t crave sugar as much and developed a much better relationship with food.

She also was able to lose a lot of weight without counting any calories. She was able to fit back into clothes that she hadn’t been able to wear for a while.

Aside from weight and sugar cravings. She’s able to sleep a lot better by cutting out caffeine and sugar. She was also able to ditch her standard digestion pills that she would have to carry with her everywhere when her digestion would get upset.

Corinne we’re so proud of you and all of your progress!


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