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New Official Coach!

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Andrew has passed the 4 stage coaching process and is now an official coach! We are super excited to have him on as a coach.

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Born and raised in Memphis, TN, I have always enjoyed getting outside to hunt, fish, and play a variety of sports. This prompted me to begin my pursuit of fitness but it started with a “body building” focus in a globo gym. As I developed as an athlete, I started to notice that I was always the one having the hardest time a few short minutes after a tough workout. After a few trips to the cardiologist, I discovered that I had a congenital heart defect and stage 2 heart block.

Going through surgery to fix this changed my entire perspective on health and wellness. After surgery, I discovered Crossfit and it was the perfect avenue to push myself and improve my overall quality of life. As a coach, I hope to help others find their passion for fitness and discover all of the ways it can help them live more active lifestyles for many years to come.

I could not be more excited to join the incredible coaches here at Crossfit South Bend to serve this amazing community!

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