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CFSB Winter Sports Program – Johnny Ho

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I joined CrossFit South Bend’s sports performance program my freshman year. I had been playing rugby through-out middle school and when I got to High school I was introduced to it through Coach Carl Case a Penn Rugby Coach and CrossFit South Bend coach/owner. All I wanted was to better myself as an athlete on the field. What made the CrossFit South Bend Program the best is that they really focused on me as an individual athlete. The level of focus each coach puts into an athlete is why I was able to get faster, stronger, and smarter. I instantly found myself wanting to workout there more and gained the ambition to perform better, the coaches and the way the program was set up played a huge role in the comfort and will to keep going. The program led me to excel in my sports. Before I knew it I was put into varsity level situations at a young age and I was able to keep up due to the training. Playing rugby and football at a varsity level was no easy task, but I felt more than prepared because of the extra work that I had put in and the extra time the CrossFit South Bend coaches invested in me. Over time I learned to be a more dynamic athlete which helped me prove myself in practice and succeed in games. I was able to play multiple positions with ease rather than just one core position. What makes the program so great and what makes it one of my favorite things to do, is the energy in the gym, everyone there wants to get better for themselves and their teammates, the energy grows while being around friends and coaches who all want the same end goal. To get better.