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CFSB Garage Sale!

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We are going to hold our first ever CFSB Garage Sale!!!
We would like to purchase some more equipment for the gym and what better way than to get rid of your “Junk” someone else’s “Treasure” and have the money go towards NEW PLATES, BIKE’S,  GHD’S!!! My goal is to pull in around  $3000 🙂 We can do it!!!! If you have some bigger value items,    bring those in and we can help price it if you’re not sure.  If you need help getting them here, let us  know and we will pick it up!!!  Everything that does not sale we will be donating unless you come and pick up your stuff, Sunday the 9th by 12pm.
You can bring in your items starting on Thursday, July 6 and Friday, July 7.  I would take any help   for set up on Friday night starting around 5:30pm.  If you have bags, card tables, clothes hanging units or cash box holders that you would not mind us using for the sale, it would be much appreciated!
IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP WORK AND YOU ARE GOOD WITH MONEY HANDLING 😉  LET ME KNOW.   I’m looking to have 3 checkout stations- we will be accepting cash & credit.
(6 helpers would be ideal for the day to rotate in taking money) Also, about 3 more helpers to keep the sale looking nice and organized and not trashed!  Trust me a well kept area where people don’t have to search thru stuff, sales quicker!! It also gives the appearance that we take pride in our stuff and it’s not just JUNK 😉
WHAT TO BRING:   ANY and ALL items you want to sell.  BIG or SMALL  🙂
*****Examples: Antiques, couch, tables, chairs, tv’s, computers, household items, clothes, shoes, hats, books, cds-music or movies, hand tools, power tools, toys, camping gear, hiking gear, sporting equipment, or sports related items, bikes, cookware, dishes, appliances, medical stuff …….. YOU GET THE IDEA !!!!!! ******
PRICING:  Everything will be sold for $.50 unless marked otherwise.    If you have garage sale stuff marked already, you DO NOT need to remove your label.  We will just sale it at the price marked 🙂

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