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CrossFit Open 2020 Details

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It’s that time of year!


It’s a completely different time of year for the CrossFit Open!

Now that the CrossFit Open has changed to mid October, we are making a few changes to it as well. Here are a few highlights first, then you can scroll down to the full detailed post!

What is the CrossFit Open?

During this five-week, five-workout competition, workouts are released online each Thursday, and athletes have until the following Monday to submit their scores. We will be hosting the workout on Saturday’s at the gym.

What is different this year?

  • Schedule

The Open will be held on a Saturday morning, instead of a Friday night here at the gym.

  • Teams and Points

No Teams this year! We are going to be getting in on Saturday, doing the wod, and having a good time doing it. No points either!

  • Judging

The only people in need of judging are people who have officially signed up for the Open.

If you cannot make it on Saturday to get judged, it’s your responsibility to watch the standards, understand the setup you need, and video yourself during an open gym time. You’ll then submit it online to get judged.

  • Saturday workout options

We will have the Open Rx’d / Scaled options on the board for the open.  We will also have, depending on the workout, a few different modified variations you can perform for the best experience for you.

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty of the full details.

1. Open Wod Release Dates

To the best of our knowledge, here is the upcoming schedule for the CrossFit Open Workouts RELEASE

Wod 1: October 10th
Wod 2: October 17th
Wod 3: October 24th
Wod 4: October 31st
Wod 5: November 7th

This means that the workout will be held at CrossFit South Bend on the following Saturday after each of these Thursday release dates.

2. Saturday schedule and heats

If you come in on Saturday, you are at the mercy of the Open Workout schedule.

Arrive at 8:55am
Wod briefing begins at 9:05am
Release to prep and warm up 9:20
First Heat Begins 9:40

After that, we will have consecutive heats running end to end, with 5-10 minute buffers between throughout the entire morning, ending at Noon.

The heat registration will be first come first serve, how many people we can fit into a heat depend on equipment and space usage.

3. Getting validated if you’ve registered

You may come in to any of the schedule heats on Saturday morning where there will only be 1-3 registered athletes allowed in each heat – this amount is depending on judge availability.

If you cannot make it into a Saturday, you may use any scheduled open gym time to perform your workout, video the workout, and submit it online. This also goes for anyone who wishes to “retest” a workout – this applies to people who have registered online – you must video your attempt, and submit it online to be viewed by an online judge.

CFSB Open gym schedule –

4. Notes/FAQ

What if I don’t know how to perform a movement?

The Saturday Open wods are not a time to learn an entirely movement on the spot. These are a test style format, don’t be intimidated by  that – simply choose the best modified workout for you that we will provide you with on the board!

Is there a fee to perform the workouts on Saturday?

Nope! come in and have fun

How do I register?

Head here!
Be sure to select CrossFit South Bend as your affiliate

What are the rules of the open?

If you intend on registering, read the open competition rulebook here

What are the movement standards for each workout? 

You are responsible for reading the workout description and understanding what is required of you before beginning the workout.

What if I cannot do the workout on a Saturday?

If you have registered for the Open and wish to be validated on any other time other than Saturday it is your responsibility to come in during an Open gym time (your registration will count as an open gym for the duration of the open), video your attempt, and submit it online.

If you have not registered for the Open, you must get an open Gym Membership through the duration of the open.

What if I don’t have an Open Gym Membership? 

Your registration will count as your Open Gym fee through the duration of the open, after the open you can choose whether or not to continue your  Open Gym membership.

If you haven’t registered for the open and wish to perform workouts off to the side – you must get an open gym membership which is $20/month. You may contact to get one of these.

What are the rules of open gym? 

Class takes priority, you must work around the class to use equipment and space. Speak to a coach to get the best possible outcome, if the Open workout takes an invasive amount of equipment and space you may have to wait to perform your workout.