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Beast Women and Pull Ups – Kat C’s Story

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[vc_row padding_top=”0px” padding_bottom=”0px”][vc_column fade_animation_offset=”45px” width=”1/2″][text_output]After driving past CrossFit South Bend a few times and seeing the classes outside, I wanted to know more.  I have seen gymnastics classes down the street and I wanted to do a hard workout without the embarrassment of being the old one in a kids class.  I have tried other classes with other studios but they were all little soft.  I wanted something that could take me to another place (you know a place where the little voices in your head are chocked out cause they are struggling to breath too!!) I thought maybe Crossfit could do it.  I heard from some friends that Crossfit is no joke, almost a year later they were right, but I love it!

My first impression of the gym, I don’t think the gym scared me, it was the beast women (I say that with all admiration and envy to them) that freaked me out.  I mean how could I ever hang with them!!!!  My first Saturday in fundamentals was full of beast masters and they were doing pull ups, kipping pulls ups at that which I have never seen (something I still can’t do but I’m trying).  Robbie talked me off the cliff and convinced me to give it all a try but seriously that scared me huge!  After letting my guard down and seeing that I could do more than I thought possible, I really grew to love it.  I haven’t been this committed to a workout program since I was in high school (and damn it, I better get those pull ups down this year!!)

My first accomplishment at CFSB – this sounds silly – but it was a hand stand (on the wall of course) but after my back surgery I was terrified to even try it (I was seriously almost in tears – not sure if you saw that Brandon) but I didn’t think I would ever be able to do something like that again.  My doctor told me that it was okay not to do a handstand again and I am sure he was right, but by giving into that meant part of my life was behind me and I wasn’t ready to admit that.  So when I did it and it didn’t hurt, it meant so much to me…life wasn’t over like I thought it was but just a little different.

Right now, what I am working toward, if I don’t get that damn pull up this year (kipping is fine, really any version!!) I am going to be pissed!!!!

Why do I want to compete in the CrossFit Open this year? Because I am literally crazy!  I don’t know how I will feel after but hopefully it will be a sense of accomplishment.

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