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Are your workouts boring?

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Maybe they should be

I’ve heard this plenty of times before.

“This workout is not fun, it’s boring, I don’t like it.”

Definitely not during the kids/teens class – those workouts always look fun.

But when I DO hear it, I think – I wonder why this person thinks this is boring?

side note: I also think that its OKAY to think a workout is boring, it’s valuable insight

Consider the following.

-Do you use workouts as a way to deload from the stress of life? and when you don’t get a workout that gives you a high-intensity dopamine hit it doesn’t feel worth your time?

-Do you use fitness marketing as a lens with which you deem things to be fun or cool?

-Do you think something high intensity will lead to a quicker arrival at your end goal?

-Does [insert movement or workout here] make you feel self conscious about your skill level relative to others or your body?

-Does the environment, music, temperature, number of movements in the workout need to be exactly to my liking to enjoy a workout?

-Does my limited amount of patience with something like a 15 minute bike make the workout boring?

Or is there another reason?

When deciding what your workout regime should consist of there is always a balance between needs and wants. Sometimes these are aligned, and sometimes not.

For example, when considering writing workouts for an Individual (not the group)

You start with a conversation around what you want to accomplish in fitness and why

You’re assessed to find your capabilities relative to those goals

You start with what you’re capable of with the design.

THEN we can have conversations around likes, dislikes, and finding balance between it all.

Writing effective workouts for group is a little more complicated, that’s a post for another time though (maybe next week)

The best program in the world won’t work if you find it boring, and sexy workouts aren’t always effective.

A program might be super fun, but if it fast tracks you or isn’t aligned with your goals, it won’t work in the long run.

What is the fix here?

Maybe it’s having a conversation around the boring stuff and how it serves your goals.

Maybe it IS making the workout a little more fun, and having a trade-off for progress

Like being social? maybe you could use the group atmosphere

Care more about having a workout tailored for you? Maybe you need an Individual program

Or maybe it’s changing your goals altogether