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Amy R: The longest 30 days

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I started the Whole30 program in May 2015.  I had several reasons for wanting to give the Whole30 program a try.   I was diagnosed in 2013, with hypothyroidism.  I  was feeling tired, had gained weight and lacking energy.   I was looking for answers to whether it was my thyroid or my diet.    I decided to tell everyone I knew that I was doing this program, so I would be held accountable.   I was surprised how many of my friends wanted to try Whole30 after I had completed it.

Robby was very supportive during the process.  He could tell when I was struggling and encourage me to continue. He would ask that I send him a weekly food journal and would respond back quickly with suggestions and ideas.  I couldn’t have done it without him.

I won’t lie…it was difficult at times, and it felt at times like the longest 30 days of my life!! 🙂   Looking back, it was so worth it! I got so many answers after completing Whole30 and slowly introducing foods back into my diet. My body did not like my old foods and it was the first time I really listened to what my body was telling me.  My weight gain and lack of energy were not due to my thyroid….it was the food I was eating!    I have drastically cut down on my sugar and gluten.   I do reward myself at times with desserts, but I now eat Whole30 most of the time.   After more than 3 years, I am down to my goal weight and maintaining.   My energy level has never been higher!

I am so glad that I decided to do Whole30 and can’t thank Robby enough for all his support!!

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