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1 Simple Trick to Make Veggies Taste Great!

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For this special Halloween edition of Wellness Wednesday we’re joined by the big bad wolf and the three little pigs.

In this video we talk about 1 simple trick to make pretty much any veggie taste great.

This is how I cook pretty much 75% of the vegetables I eat.

It’s great because it’s so simple, but also because you can set it and forget it while you relax or do something else.

Here’s the process:
Step 1: Put the veggies on a sheet pan either diced (e.g., sweet potato, white potatoes) or whole (green beans, brussels sprouts)
Step 2: Toss with 1-3 Tbsps of preferred oil (ghee is really good) and sea salt or other spices (I typically just do salt)
Step 3: Roast at 400-425 for 30-40 minutes depending on how done you like it. I like them the more done the better so I typically do 425 for 40 mins.

This can be applied to all of the following veggies and more.

-white potatoes
-sweet potatoes
-brussels sprouts
-any kind of winter squash (butternut, acorn)
-green beans
-etc. etc.


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