September Fundamentals

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The emphasis of our Fundamentals Course is skill development and exposure to our basic movements. This 12 session program is designed to get you closer to your goals and to prepare you to enter our ongoing group CrossFit classes. We prioritize good technique to ensure your safety and success during our group CrossFit classes.

2017 Fundamentals Start Dates:

Our Fundamentals program begins on a Tuesday each month, and runs 12 classes in succession. The start date for each month is listed below.

 September-September 5th
October-October 3rd
November-October 31st
December-November 28th (3 weeks)

Class Times:

Tuesday 7:00pm

Thursday 7:00pm

Saturday 9:00am

If this schedule doesn’t work for you, we have Accelerated Options that you can talk to us about during your Intro to get you started TODAY!

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Check out some of our Clients Stories!

Bri’s Story

I had all but come to terms with being a “curvy” girl when I was approached about the Whole 90 challenge at Crossfit South Bend. By approached I mean harassed until I broke under the pressure. But I sure am glad I rose to the challenge I was even let go from a “curvy” modeling job I had held for about a year because “we cannot market to ‘curvy’ women when our ‘curvy’ model is wearing a size 4.” The best reason for being fired I’ve ever heard of. Click here to read more

…last August at my reunion. Shows how much Crossfit has changed my life! Can’t thank you enough for providing such a great place to get healthy and have an amazing time! Click here to take a Look at Trey’s Pics!

The Angie and Amy Story Part I

Amy lost 18lbs, she had better digestion, she had a 75% reduction in her psoriasis, her clothes feel better, her heartburn is100% better, headaches are way better, and she has better endurance during workouts.

Angie had better looking skin, better quality sleep, went down a size in clothes, afternoon slump isn’t as slumpy, she doesn’t feel as bloated, better poops (of course), less back fat, she got better at cooking, and she acquired magical powers 🙂Click here to read more