Goal Session Review

Goal Session Review

At CrossFit South Bend, we want to get to know you as an athlete and an individual as best as we can. To help with this we like to have free 30 min one-on-one goal sessions with each of our members every 3 months. In these meetings, we do the following...


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Get a sense of your health and athletic goals

  • Do you want lose 30lbs?
  • Do you want to run a 5k?
  • Do you want to squat 400lbs?
  • We can help you develop strategies for these goals and many others.

Answer any nutrition questions you have

  • What’s the most effective way to eat for weight loss?
  • How do I eat healthy while traveling?
  • Do I need to weigh and measure my food?

Free Mini-Skill Sessions

  • Want to work on a particular skill in gym?
    • Handstand push-ups, double under, kipping, strict-pull-ups
  • Not only can we take you out to the gym to practice these and give you tips, we can give you some supplemental homework you can to progress with these after the session is over.

Initial or Updated InBody scan

  • Any CFSB member gets a free Inbody scan ($35 value) every quarter during a goal meeting
  • This tells you your muscle mass, body fat, calorie needs, and protein needs
  • It’s also a great way to keep track of your progress in the gym.

We hope to see you soon for a goal session!

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