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What is CFSB Personal Training?

Want more personal attention? Our personal training can cater to whatever needs you may have. Whether you are looking for a single skill session to learn how to do a muscle up. Or you are looking for ongoing one on one training until you meet your goals, we will coach you every step of the way.

During the session, and depending on the session type, we typically will


Start with a talk

We will contact the athlete once they have purchased a personal training session to get a good idea of what the athlete would like to work on, what the athlete expects to get out of the training session, what we feel like the athlete can expect to get out of the training session based off of where they currently are, and establish a rough timeline of when the athlete can expect to arrive at their goal.

Coach develops a itinerary for your training session based off of talk

After the talk with the athlete, the coach will develop a rough idea of how they would like to program for the athlete for that specific session. Once the Movement screening and measuring progress is done, this can be more easily defined.

During Session

Movement screening, Measure Progress

Depending on what the athlete would like to work toward, this includes finding out where the athlete stands currently in relation to the personal training goal, video recording or setting benchmarks for the athlete to set a baseline, working on the the main focus of the training session, then retesting to measure progress.


The coach will drill the athlete through whatever progression is needed for that athlete to achieve their goal, or at least to make progress toward their goal.

Post Session


If needed, we may send the athlete home with or email some homework, a timeline, and whether or not the coach feels there should be additional training sessions needed. The athlete will check in with the coach, or the coach will check in with the athlete at a later date to see how progress is coming along.

Interested in learning more, or have questions? Click here to contact us

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