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Strength and Conditioning
A program designed to build bigger, stronger, more explosive athletes with more horse power. This class will lift heavy, condition (metabolic, sprint, jumping), and work with the mentality of “Train Fast Be Fast.” This class is intended for field sport athletes, as well individuals who have similar goals. This membership includes general CrossFit Classes as well as the Strength and Conditioning class.
Become more explosive
Increase Strength
Get Bigger
Better on field performance
Comes with Free Open Gym Membership
Coach: Power Athlete Staff- Carl Case
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Olympic Weightlifting
This is an Olympic Weightlifting class meaning that the lifts that will be trained are the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Our goal for this class will be to provide a better learning environment with longer (90 minute) classes designed specifically for the sport of weightlifting. If your goal is to become more explosive, or to improve your weightlifting for CrossFit, this is the class for you. This membership includes general CrossFit Classes as well as the Olympic Weightlifting class.
Learn the sport of Weightlifting
Become more explosive
Increase Flexibility
Step up your CrossFit game
Comes with Free Open Gym Membership
Taught by USAW Amy VanDyck
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Open Gym
The goals of Open Gym are as diverse as you all are, but here are some highlights of why you might choose to utilize it
Practice skills at your own pace, outside of the normal group
Do some extra work that your coaches have prescribed to you
Meet new friends and workout with them
Make-up a missed WOD
Prepare for an upcoming competition or event
Included with S&C or Olympic Weightlifting Class
Try new things – PLAY with your fitness!
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10 Class Punch Card
per 10 punches
Want to drop into our CrossFit Classes Occasionally? Look no further!
These punch cards apply to:
General CrossFit Classes
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