2 Week Free Fundamentals
First two weeks
The emphasis here is skill development and exposure to our basic movements. This 12 session program is designed to prepare you to enter our group CrossFit classes. We prioritize good technique to ensure your safety and success during our group CrossFit classes.
Great for Beginners
Prepares you for CrossFit Classes
12 Classes Total
60 minute classes
First 6 Free of the Month!
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Accelerated Fundamentals
Per Session
The Accelerated Fundamentals is for those individuals whose schedule does not mesh well with our main Fundamentals schedule. It is also for those athletes wanting to move through the Fundamentals at a faster pace, or with more personal attention.
One on One personal training
Your own schedule and pace
Individualized to your skill level
Six 60 minute Personal Training Sessions
!! Includes 3 Free Weeks of CrossFit !!